(as adopted at Trustees’ Meeting, 1st November 2014)

A. Title

  1. The Trust was established as English Bowling Association Charity Trust by a Deed dated 5 November 1980; it was sponsored by the English Bowling Association – the national governing body of the sport of level-green Bowls outdoors for men – and it was funded by an Initial Endowment of £10,000 from The Sudborough Foundation. Subsequently the English Indoor Bowling Association, the English Women’s Bowling Association and the English Women’s Indoor Bowling Association also became sponsors and the title then was amended to ENGLISH BOWLING ASSOCIATIONS CHARITY TRUST (referred to hereafter as EBACT).

B. Objects

  1. EBACT primarily aims to provide financial assistance or benefits in kind to help relieve hardship for bowlers and former bowlers in England and their dependants; also EBACT may make a donation, on behalf of England’s bowlers, whenever world-wide help is needed following a major catastrophe.

C. Trustees

  1. There shall be a minimum of seven (7) trustees.
  2. A nomination for appointment as a new trustee must be made by an existing trustee and appointment shall be by a simple majority supporting the nomination at a meeting of, or by consultation between, trustees.
  3. In the event of a vacancy the trustees are empowered to appoint a replacement.
  4. A trustee may not receive any benefit in money or in kind from EBACT whilst serving as a trustee.
  5. A Chairman shall be elected from amongst the trustees.
  6. An Administrator shall be elected from amongst the trustees.

D. Powers of Trustees

  1. To create any office considered beneficial to EBACT and to appoint a person to that office.
  2. To raise funds from any source in any legitimate way.
  3. To organise or encourage the organisation of any legitimate event, including but not restricted to charity bowls matches both indoors and outdoors.
  4. To invest funds in any legitimate way.
  5. To receive from any source applications for help to relieve hardship.
  6. To determine and make financial grants or benefits in kind for the relief of hardship to individuals and to any properly constituted organisation, including but not restricted to other charities.

E. Administration and Accounting

  1. An annual general meeting of trustees shall be held each year to approve the accounts and other trustees’ meetings may be held as necessary. All meetings shall be convened by either the Chairman or the Administrator and at least fourteen (14) days’ notice of an annual general meeting shall be given to all trustees.
  2. At any meeting four (4) trustees shall form a quorum.
  3. An invitation to attend a particular meeting may be issued by the Chairman to any other person; an invitee attending may participate in any discussion but may not vote on any proposition put to that meeting.
  4. Minutes of each meeting shall be recorded by the Administrator.
  5. The financial year-end shall be 31 May.
  6. The Administrator shall maintain a record of all income, expenditure, assets and liabilities and shall prepare annual accounts for presentation to, and approval at, each annual general meeting.
  7. The funds of EBACT shall be invested by the Administrator as authorised by the trustees.
  8. There shall be at least three (3) trustees authorised as signatories to all bank accounts.
  9. Payments from funds held in bank accounts shall be subject to two (2) authorised signatures.

F. Patronage

  1. Patronage may be accepted from individuals and from properly constituted clubs, associations, companies and other organisations, for a fee determined in annual general meeting.

G. Applications for Assistance

  1. Applications, which shall be kept confidential to the trustees, shall be submitted to the Chairman.
  2. Applications shall be considered and determined by consultation between at least three (3) trustees and any benefits which are approved may be in cash or in kind.

H. Additions and Amendments

  1. Any proposal for either an addition or an amendment to this constitution can only be made at an annual general meeting and should be submitted to the Chairman or the Administrator who shall include it in the notice of the next such meeting.

I. Dissolution

  1. In the event of the trustees deciding EBACT should cease to exist, any assets remaining shall be donated, as determined by the trustees, to a charity or charities having an affinity with the sport of level-green Bowls in England,

Robert Jack M.B.E